We teach out of students' homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.  A student should have access to some kind of keyboard (not necessarily an acoustic piano) or guitar. I am happy to recommend affordable instrument options to new students.  


Music lessons have been proven to improve cognitive abilities in children, and to keep adults' minds active. So what are music lessons actually like?


We cater our teaching to the needs of the student.  Personally, I currently have one student who ONLY wants to play Mozart. I have another who doesn't want to learn to read music at all!  Most people fall somewhere in the middle.  Of course learning to read music is important, but I also like to teach students to use their ears as much as their eyes.  


I care very much what material my students play.  I have a huge database of pieces (located on a Gdrive folder)  that I believe are both challenging and fun to learn (and many have been arranged by me!).  I share the folder with my students, and they are free to explore the pieces on their own.  I'm happy to teach almost any piece of music (no Justin Bieber, "sorry").  


Children tend to take lessons after school on week days; adults tend to have more complicated schedules.  I have adult students that I work with in the mornings or late evenings;  some students take lessons every other week to accomodate their busy working schedules.  


We use a number of games that I have developed to help children focus on learning, and to provide variety in the framework of a lesson.  I do not adhere to the "just play it again" style of teaching.  I like to approach musical challenges from many angles, and students prefer this too.  A prefer to spend as much time as possible on creative activities.  A student who has good practice habits during the week does not need to "practice" during a lesson.


Speaking of practice habits, I would recommend that a beginning music student practice 3-4 times a week for 10-15 minutes. An intermediate student could bump that up to 4-5 days a week for 20-30 minutes.

Lesson Breakdown

Music lessons tend to breakdown like this:

1) Warm up & technical stuff

2) Review of last week's goals

3) A helpful game of some sort

4) Setting new goals & learning new music