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Offering high-quality music lessons for students of all ages.

In-person (currently with masks), or in a safe virtual environment.



NYC Piano Doctor was founded to meet the needs of adults and children living in New York City. We understand the kind of instruction that busy families are looking for, and offer unique, flexible, and fun lessons on most common instruments. While lessons are normally taught in-person, we now offer virtual lessons to keep everyone safe. 


Why Study Music?

Music lessons improve cognitive abilities in children, and keep adults' minds active. Every student is on a different path - some want to play classical music, jazz, pop, or even compose… NYCPianoDoctor employs teachers who are professional performers and educators who enjoy working with children and adults of all ages and skill levels. Dr. Pierson works with his teachers to offer innovative teaching methods, including tailor-made musical arrangements and fun lesson activities to help engage students.

What Happens In Lessons?

For beginners, lessons focus on building strong music fundamentals (sight reading, technique, etc). These skills are taught both from a traditional perspective, and also with a more "game-based" approach. As students progress, the lessons are broadened, depending on the student's interest. It is very common to see students pick up an advanced understanding of music theory, study improvisation, play duets with teachers, or even learn to accompanying themselves while singing!

Dr. Joel Pierson

Founder of NYC Piano Doctor

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