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Dr. Joel Pierson

Composer, Jazz Pianist, Teacher

Piano Teacher New York City Dr. Joel Pierson

Dr. Joel Pierson currently lives in Jackson Heights, Queens.  He received a BA from Westmont College in classical piano performance, a Master’s Degree in jazz piano performance from New York University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts in music composition at the University of Maryland.


Joel started NYC Piano Doctor when he could no longer teach all of the students in his studio, and wanted to share his teaching methods with others. In addition to teaching, Joel is the Artistic Director of The Queen's Cartoonists, a jazz band that performs music from classic cartoons. Dr. Pierson also writes and publishes humorous (and adult-oriented) music eduction books under the name Sadsap Music.

Joel has also worked with many different artists from diverse genres such as: Kronos Quartet, The New York Philharmonic, Wayne Newton, Linkin Park, and Ke$ha.


“Joel is a gem-— we feel so lucky to have found him! He has been an invaluable part of our son's musical education, not only teaching him piano, but music theory as well. His rapport with kids is unmatched, and his balance of lighthearted fun with high expectations is perfect. He truly brings out the best in our son."

–Sohini, mom
“Joel is the best music teacher I have ever had. He has taught me so many things about music, and I wouldn't be as good at piano— or music in general, for that matter— if I didn't have him as a teacher.”

–Arhan, age 10
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