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About NYC Piano Doctor

NYCPianoDoctor offers you or your child music instruction from a world-class performer and educator. We are all here in New York City to experience the best of the best, including music! The teachers at NYCPD have come from many countries to make a name for themselves in the arts; they are inspiring and outgoing musicians, capable of teaching in many styles of music.


Many people have experienced the “wrong” kind of music instruction—a strict, unrelatable instructor who has not performed in decades; a “just play it again” mentality to instruction, or a teacher who only works for a paycheck and not for the love of teaching. NYCPianoDoctor offers a different kind of music teacher—one that is engaged in what the city has to offer, enjoys teaching, and is an active performer. Our philosophy is to educate through the experiences that we have had as working professionals. Book a trial lesson and see what we have to offer!


Q: How do you choose your teachers?

I’m basically looking for more versions of myself. All my teachers are classically trained but are active in multiple aspects of the New York music scene. They are adept at jazz and improvised music, and are capable of teaching pop styles as well. The core of what we teach is the classical tradition (sight reading, technique, etc), but as students develop, my teachers can easily adapt lessons to fit the strengths of their students. I do not employ anyone who is not actively performing. My teachers are exciting professional performers who teach because they enjoy passing on what they have learned.


Q: What about COVID protocols?

All of the teachers at NYCPianoDoctor are fully vaccinated. Lessons can be taught in-person with masks if desired, or online over Zoom, FaceTime, etc.


Q: Are online lessons are effective as in-person lessons?

One thing we have learned from the pandemic is that online teaching is almost as effective as in-person teaching. It’s impossible to quantify, but I am fully confident that a student who is opting for virtual lessons, even long-term, has the same chance for musical growth as a student who is studying in-person. Opting for a hybrid model, with most lessons being in-person and some online, also has its advantages. It’s easier to schedule make up lessons and possible to still have regular lessons when a student is feeling under the weather. In short, I love having online lessons as a serious option.


Q: Do the students participate in recitals?

Yes! We have 2 recitals a year: one in January and one in June. The recitals are as casual as we can make them, considering it’s still a public performance.


Q: Do I need a piano at home?

You certainly need something at home. An electronic keyboard is completely acceptable, and we are always happy to recommend options for any budget.


Q: How much practicing is needed to make progress?

This is the ultimate question, and there is no perfect answer. For a child starting out, my recommendations is 3-4 days a week at 15 minutes a day. Once the child is used to practicing (and hopefully enjoys it), moving toward 5-6 days a week becomes a possibility. What we do NOT recommend is “cramming” on the day of a lesson. That is a stressful way to learn, and the retention is lower. 

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