“Joel is a gem - we feel so lucky to have found him! He has been an invaluable part of our son's musical education, not only teaching him piano, but music theory as well. His rapport with kids is unmatched, and his balance of lighthearted fun with high expectations is perfect. He truly brings out the best in our son.

–Sohini, mom

“Joel is the best music teacher I have ever had. He has taught me so many things about music, and I wouldn't be as good at piano - or music in general, for that matter - if I didn't have him as a teacher.”

–Arhan, age 10


“Naama is kind and nice. She makes me work hard but all the hard work pays off because in the end I can do each song perfectly.”

–Fiona, age 7

“Naama is great, she keeps things challenging yet fun for kids. I love how she blends music theory, reading music, and fun exercises into each class. I’m thrilled with how much progress my 7 year old has made in the last 2 years.”

–Lisa, mom

“Naama has remarkable patience with my easily distracted and often temperamental 8-year-old. She helps him work through his frustrations and adds fun to each lesson even when he is less than cooperative.”

–Olivia, mom

“Naama is so, so, so, so kind.”

–Ryan, age 8


"Mark's relaxed, open teaching style has been great for my daughter. He makes learning the piano fun and thinks of creative ways to help her learn new songs and understand the fundamentals of music theory. It's also a bonus that Mark is a professional jazz musician who plays multiple instruments, as he can teach her elements of jazz that she otherwise wouldn't get from a traditional piano teacher.”

–Jenny, mom

"Mark is a great teacher. He has taught me some new ways of looking at music and has taught me many new things I never knew before. He is also very calm and understanding. I am very happy he is my teacher.”

–Ella, age 12

“Mark makes piano lessons fun!”

–Violet, age 9

"I've been consistently impressed with Mark's teaching. He's been able to engage my child, keep lessons fun and interesting, and help her to continue to improve by always being encouraging without any pressure. I also appreciate how he introduces musical theory, so I feel she's getting a more complete musical education. Her playing has improved dramatically with him, and she also enjoys playing more and more.”

–Joanna, mom


“We have been so impressed with Helena and her work with our daughter. I could hear the improvement in skill within just a few lessons, and I'm sure that's because Helena is both a great teacher and a gifted artist.”

–Chris, dad


Tony has been an absolute gem. His skills at guitar and piano are outmatched only by his warm, welcoming charisma and patient teaching style. We have been thrilled by the progress our 9-year-old daughter has made since starting lessons with him. If you're looking to radically improve your musicianship or have a special someone in need of lessons, look no further.

–Paul, dad


Getting lessons with Tony has been great. I love it. He's very nice, and if you make a mistake, he doesn't get angry. He just helps you understand the mistake. It's been really fun. I've had a great time taking piano lessons with him.

–Harley, age 9


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